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Shelly Errington Photography

Moments of Light

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Intimate Landscapes  .. and other 'Scapes

from Reeds and Reflections,

the Georgian Bay Series

Things that Grow

Images from Places ...
Mexico, Bali, Africa, Canada, and more

Disney Auditorium by Frank Gehry, Los Angeles

a cow effigy burning in a Balinese cremation

Whale Skeleton in a Winter Sky

Surprising and
Sometimes Puzzling

SIM-card vendors in a Ugandan market

title: If Henri Rousseau had Taken Photographs

My Photography

My sensibilities as a photographer are influenced by being an anthropologist, a filmmaker, and a cartoonist. The camera is a wonderful tool. For me, photography is noticing and composing. I tend to be interested in people and their processes and in intimate landscapes. I like colorful, attractive pictures as much as anybody, and drama. But I also like images that are taken in moments of hanging around and waiting for things to begin.

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Shelly Errington

Shelly Errington

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Shelly Errington


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