A gallery of faces, people at work, and  telling details from which we can infer character, shot in many places in the world. Albums include Synecdoches (where a part indicates the whole), Ugandan People from a trip I took there, the enraptured faces of Eclipse Viewers on a visit to Bali, and Faces of Bali.
My images are sometimes called "abstract," but I don't think so. They are figurative and often recognizable, but their angle, composition, or subject matter sometimes disorients the viewer. This is a small collection of some surprising views or unexpected things.
Strong graphic shapes attract me. Buildings, columns, bridges, steps and other elements with strong, clear, and interesting shapes draw my attention. 
Organic forms of living growing things, of leafy frilly curly things, of spiky backlit things in the desert --or in my backyard-- appeal and insist on being captured by my camera.
As an anthropologist who speaks several languages, I have both the opportunity  and the inclination to explore particular places visually and culturally. Here are some images from a few places I've been recently.
(Close up and medium shots of people from these places will generally be found in the gallery "People and Portraits.")
My "landscapes" are often "intimate," a phrase identified with the work of Eliot Porter. But I hugely enjoy other natural scenes, as long as they are not trite and or iconic: cloudscapes, beachscapes, seascapes .... 


© 2017 Shelly Errington Photography.

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